Architectural projects in schools as a thesis


When classmates ask me what are the most productive projects that can be carried out in my Peru, as a thesis, I choose schools. I know that it’s much more profitable and perhaps easier to design hotels, cultural centers or shelters, but I think that children are the future of humanity and it´s right to give them a good education with good infrastructure and design in their schools.


Many colleges here separate the 3 levels of education: kinder, primary and secondary. So, for the design it´s good to note that if the schedule is the same for all the students or alternate, is necessary a space for each level coexist pleasantly. I visited some schools. Views are similar, the design of each floor is rectangular, with a large courtyard in the center to play tennis, soccer, volleyball or basketball, but without well-crafted design.


It´s okay that a large hall connects to management, treasury and lounge, as this school in Huancayo (Junín). Its facade is according with its history. But then, when you go out into the yard, everything looks rectangular, slightly monotonous. The designs of the time where convents were important persists until now, especially in the highland of Peru and that’s fine, but I think that with the advancement of this time and given the ingenuity to make projects for schools wishing to improve the quality of living of the students is that the proposed of school´s design as a thesis should be green in addition to follow the requirements of construction and needs.

It´s shown that the design of things we use every day make us happier, much more for a child. Here are some design standards in our country:


The design should focus on designing a methodology, that is imagine spatial conditions and their effects do get moving a value system that makes possible an open building and training of students space. Therefore, it should also include one pool, a library, performance spaces, art workshops, theoretical classrooms, a restaurant, an auditorium for meetings, a laboratory well implemented and a botanical garden. It´s time to promote sustainable architecture.

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