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Stellar Hotel Pacific View – ASIA

The design of hotels must be linked to innovation and to the proposal of new social values, so “the new architect” knows that should transcend the traditional scales of urbanism, architecture and design. So, I introduce you a modern and authentic five-stars hotel.

I had seen a picture a few months ago of a swimming pool with an impressive view to the beautiful design in all the spaces of a luxury hotel. Its name: HOTEL ESTELAR VISTA PACÍFICO. https://www.tripadvisor.com.pe/Hotel_Review-g2554387-d5783564-Reviews-Estelar_Vista_Pacifico_Hotel_Asia-Asia_Lima_Region.html


I had the privilege of visit the hotel because I am in charge of design the spaces that will be decorated for the wedding of my cousin, and the place was chosen for her. ♥ ♥ ♥

In addition, when people travel often it´s important to have a list of hotels that are worthwhile in which, besides the service, it highlights the design and decoration. It´s not so difficult. For a while now, boutique hotels have mushroomed in the major of cities worldwide. Each hotel has its own style, but this is very peculiar, from intake to the shape it has when is viewed from the swimmingpool to the bedrooms of the building.


The lobby is very spacious, where is the waiting room and the reception. Next door is a minibar and a piano that works perfectly (I love it!). Then, there are the ballrooms (2), spacious and it contain lights inside that can be used in the events. Then, we find the dining rooms, perfectly arranged facing the pool and the sea.


The tour was very interesting and I’ve already started the 3D design of event. En mi propuesta usaré los colores azul marino y melón a pedido de la novia… 🙂 Wedding is coming soon! ♥

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